Works as Director

"Actions and behaviors say more than words; that's why directing the little things are important."

The best way to deliver a good story is not only based on what is written in the script; the key is the subtext, what is between the lines.

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Web Series (Psychological Thriller)

A story of a woman whose internal scars caused by an abusive relationship leads her to become a serial killer.

 Director: Alejandra Hou              

Creators: Alejandra Hou, Angelica Reyes                     

Starring: Carissa Zielinski, Alexander Man, Christina McGrath

Release Date: 8 April 2021 (Episode 1) 

A Production by Double A Films.



Short (Drama/Fantasy)

On a planet far away from earth where every child who turns 8 belongs to the Pharaoh, there is the most wanted girl, who returns to rescue her mother after 12 years separated.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Producers: Alejandra Hou, Angelica Reyes

Starring: Anastasia Perevozova, Denise Milfort, Shabby Yusufzai, Jeff Tendall

Awards: Best Fantasy Film, Best Student Film, Best Makeup & Hairstyling, Best Costume, Best Cinematography, Best Actress, Best Production Design

Release Date: 28 November 2020

A Production by Double A Films

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Short (Drama)

A Dreamer discovers that the company she works for is having problems with a project and decides to step in and show her boss, Bryan, that she can be more than just a cleaner.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Producers: Alejandra Hou, Daniel Pollock

Starring: Valentina Guerra, Robert A. Lynch, Elizabeth Hernandez

Release Date: 28 April 2019

A Production by Double A Films.

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Short (Drama)

Based on a true event. Two women who are madly in love decide to go out and have fun as a normal couple, but it ends up in a tragedy when a homophobic terrorist appears.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Producer: Alejandra Hou, Angelica Reyes

Starring: Laura Fernanda, Cecilia Bryant


  • Best Student Director, Best LGBT Short, Best Female Director (Independent Shorts Awards); Best Short Film (One-Reeler Short Film Competition); Best LGBT Short (Cutting Edge Film Festival).


Release Date: 3 July 2018

A Production by Double A Films.

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Animated Short (Drama)

A family does not take care of a puppy after adoption when they find out the responsibilities that come with it.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Writers: Angelica Reyes & Alejandra Hou

Release Date:  28 February 2019

A Production by Double A Films


PSA Commercial (Depression)c

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Short (Action)

A skillful spy who turns out to be a military veteran steals the codes of a lethal weapon from a terrorist.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Writer: Avia McDonald

Release Date:  2 February 2018

School project using a LAFS stage with a challenge: only three hours of Production.