"Actions and behaviors say more than words, that's why directing the little things are important. The best way to deliver a good story is not just based on what is written in the script; the key is the subtext, what is between the lines."

~ Alejandra Hou

"Inside the Notebook" official trailer is OUT NOW!


Istar, after 12 years separated from her mother, returns to rescue her. Finding along the way the truth behind her abandonment.

"Fairness" nominated as 'Best Student Director (Female)' in Indie Short Fest.

Class project. Equipment and location provided by Los Angeles Film School.

"Pulse" has won Best LGBT Short, Best Female Director and more...

Alejandra Hou is a Chinese-Panamanian film director born in Panama and raised by Chinese parents. After she moved to LA, she directed her first award-winning short film titled 'Pulse' as a school project at The Los Angeles Film School when her friend Angelica Reyes trusted on her and gave her the story. They didn't even imagine the impact this would cause.


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