"Actions and behaviors say more than words, that's why directing the little things are important. The best way to deliver a good story is not just based on what is written in the script; the key is the subtext, what is between the lines."


Web Series (Psychological Thriller)

A story of a woman whose internal scars caused by an abusive relationship leads her to be a serial killer.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Creators: Alejandra Hou, Angelica Reyes

Starring: Carissa Zielinski, Alexander Man, Christina McGrath

Released Date: Filming

A Production by Double A Films.


Short (Drama/Fantasy)

On a planet located in another galaxy far away from Earth where every child who turns 9 belongs to the Pharaoh, the is Istar, the most wanted girl, who returns to rescuer her mother after 12 years separated.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Producers: Alejandra Hou, Angelica Reyes

Starring: Anastasia Perevozova, Denise Milfort, Shabby Yusufzai, Jeff Tendall

Status: Completed

A Production by Double A Films.

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Short (Drama)

Renata, a Dreamer, discovers that the company she works for is having problems with a project and decides to step in and show her boss, Bryan, that she can be more than just a cleaner.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Producers: Alejandra Hou, Daniel Pollock

Starring: Valentina Guerra, Robert A. Lynch, Elizabeth Hernandez

Status: 28 April 2019

A Production by Double A Films.


Short (Drama)

Based on a true event. Two women who are madly in love decide to go out and have fun as a normal couple. Unfortunately, it ends up in a tragedy when a homophobic terrorist appears.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Producer: Alejandra Hou, Angelica Reyes

Starring: Laura Fernanda, Cecilia Bryant


  • Best Student Director, Best LGBT Short, Best Female Director (Independent Shorts Awards); Best Short Film (One-Reeler Short Film Competition); Best LGBT Short (Cutting Edge Film Festival).


Release Date: 3 July 2018

A Production by Double A Films.


Animated Short (Drama)

A puppy who always wanted to have a family and somewhere to call home is finally adopted. Unfortunately, the family does not take care of him as he expected after they find out the responsibilities of having a puppy.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Writers: Angelica Reyes & Alejandra Hou

Release Date:  28 February 2019

A Production by Double A Films.


Short (Action)

Adam, a military veteran and skillful spy, infiltrates the house of Mr. Charles, a war profiteer as the lover of the sister to steal the codes of a lethal weapon that Mr. Charles is creating. After steals the code, he is surrounded and finds out that the sister, Ms. Charles, was waiting for him to do the dirty work and then steal it from him.

Director: Alejandra Hou

Production Company: Los Angeles Film School

Writer: Avia McDonald

Starring: Drake Abshire, Caitlin Moran, Keith Hines, Corey Bente

Release Date:  2 February 2018

School project using an LAFS stage with a challenge: only three hours of Production.

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